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Business Clubs

Students in the College of Business and Economics can be engaged in many clubs and organizationsMarketing Club Presenting at ABE Airport
related to business majors and professions. 

Learn more about our clubs by attending their events, networking with their members, or attending
Club Fairs or Expos during the academic year.  You can also obtain information about major-related
clubs by visiting their related academic departments.  Your academic advisor can also help you get connected.

Be sure to check out the CBE Events Calendar and read the CBE Week at a Glance e-newsletter in your
email to find out what events are being offered each week during the academic year.





The Accounting Club's purpose is to provide knowledge and enlightenment to the students of
Lehigh University about the accounting field as well as providing the opportunity to network with business professionals.
Dana Myeroff, President| dam219@lehigh.edu

ASCEND Chapter at Lehigh University

Ascend is the largest, non-profit Pan-Asian organization for business professionals in North America. '
Enhance the presence and influence of current and future Pan-Asian business leaders and serve as a collective voice for Pan-Asian business communities
Cindy Phuong, President| cip218@lehigh.edu

Association of Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting

ALPFA expands opportunities for Lehigh students who seek careers in accounting, finance, management,
and business related fields by empowering them to develop as leaders through the management of
chapters, delivering quality student programs.
Raquel Jouvin, President| rmj214@lehigh.edu

Business Careers in Entertainment Club

The Business Careers in Entertainment Club's mission is to provide internships, job opportunities, career information, and hands-on-experience
to undergraduate students interested in the business end of the entertainment industry.
Prarthna Johri, President| prj218@lehigh.edu

Business Information Systems Club

The Business Information Systems Club is a club which represents the CBE Business Information Systems majors and minors.
We schedule guest speakers, networking opportunities, resume workshops and other events to promote internship/job opportunities.
Emma Resnick, President| err218@lehigh.edu

Finance Club

The Finance Club enlighten students about the financial field while also providing the opportunity to network with finance professionals, professors, and peers
Bridget Harding, President| bah218@lehigh.edu

International Business Club

The International Business Club is designed for undergraduate students within CBE who have an interest in global affairs and its relationship to the business world
as well as CBE students who are looking for step-by-step guidance as they being the study abroad process.
Jacy Yang, President| jay220@lehigh.edu

Investment Management Group

The Investment Management Group is an organization that provides students the opportunity to understand,
evaluate and invest in active financial markets through an Alumni funded portfolio.
Ryan Moreida, Co-President| rmm219@lehigh.edu and Austin Wang, Co-President| ahf217@lehigh.edu

Lehigh Consulting Club 

LCC facilitates networking between Lehigh students and consulting professionals, holds business case competitions,
and provides information sessions and speaker series, among other functions.
Josh Blatt, President| jwb218@lehigh.edu | website

Lehigh FinTech Group

Established in 2017, LFT is a student-run organization that serves to drive passion and promote understanding for disruptive financial technology ("FinTech") by connecting top-performing and interested students with businesses and institutions that host a forward-thinking approach to the implementation of technology in the financial services sector.
Dean Zimberg, President| dlz220@lehigh.edu | website

Lehigh Management Club

The Lehigh University Management Club seeks to create a broad management perspective which can be translated
into any industry, from engineering to business.
Rebecca Kearns, President| rak419@lehigh.edu

Marketing Club 

The Marketing Club strives to assist its members in broadening their marketing experiences, through options
such as career search, out of classroom experience, and narrowing general interests in marketing.
Lexi Mims, President| amm218@lehigh.edu

Microfinance Club

The LU Microfinance Club is devoted to spreading awareness of microfinance in and around the Lehigh Community.
We run events that support that goal, as well as fundraisers for the cause of financial inclusion and poverty alleviation around the world.
Alli Rubin, President| ahr218@lehigh.edu

National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)

NABA, Inc. bridging the opportunity gap for people of color in the Accounting, Finance, and Business professions.
Richard Adu-Poku, President| rja218@lehigh.edu 

Real Estate Club

The Real Estate Club is an organization that will encourage and promote education and dialogue on real estate in the Lehigh Valley and the surrounding area.
Ross Karetsky, Advisor| rbk218@lehigh.edu

Supply Chain Management Club

Lehigh University's Supply Chain Management Major Club focuses on promoting the growth of the SCM major as well as promoting career opportunities for club members.
Zoe Mattis, President| ztm218@lehigh.edu


The TAMID Group is a nonprofit organization that develops the professional skills of undergraduate students through hands-on interaction with the Israeli economy.
Brian Luster, President| btl219@lehigh.edu

Women in Business

Women in Business at Lehigh University is an organization that seeks to promote our members' personal and professional development by engaging them in activities and workshops that support business skills and etiquette.
Kristen Silvi, President| krs219@lehigh.edu