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Professional Development Program FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who can participate in the Professional Development Program (PDP)?

All CBE, CBS and IBE students are automatically enrolled in the program.  All Lehigh students are more than welcome to attend (the more the merrier!), but the PDP is a business-focused program.

2. How will I know when a PDP event is taking place?

The PDP will advertise upcoming PDP events via e-mail announcements, in the CBE Undergraduate Week at a Glance e-newsletter and on posted fliers.  Programs and events will also be displayed on the first and second floor monitors in Rauch.

3. When and where do most PDP events take place?

PDP events usually take place at 4:15 or 7 p.m. in the RBC and last approximately 50 minutes.  All locations and times can be found on the PDP website by clicking on the Calendar of Events.

4. Who is responsible for keeping track of my points earned through the PDP?

The Professional Development Program staff will keep track of all student participation balances. Students must sign in to all events upon arrival to ensure points are earned. As soon as you attend an RCBC event or complete one of the required activities, your points will begin to accumulate. Students can check point balances by e-mailing Chiquita Griffin or visit the CBE Undergraduate Office.

5. What recognition will I receive for completing the PDP point requirement?

Students who achieve the required 12 points will be recognized at the CBE Honors Convocation reception at the end of the academic year.

6. Can I accrue more than 12 points?

There is no limit to the number of points students can earn or the amount of programs that can be attended. Remember, the goal of the PDP is to prepare students to be business  professionals and make an impression on future employers.


More questions? Contact the Undergraduate Programs Office at 610-758-4498