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Important Actions for CBE Students to Accomplish BEFORE arrival on Campus

Lehigh’s Office of the First-Year Experience provided all Lehigh students with a SUMMER CHECKLIST of actions to complete before arrival on campus.  The SUMMER CHECKLIST is available online on your EvoLUtion:1 portal.

Business students are also expected to complete the following three actions before arriving on campus in August:

1. Complete the Strong Interest Inventory® online.  The Strong Interest Inventory® MUST BE COMPLETED BY AUGUST 10th. The Strong Interest Inventory® is a necessary part of the BUS 001 class experience; students who do not complete the survey by the deadline risk point reductions for their first writing assignment.  Students will receive a copy of their Inventory results on the first day of class.  Additional information about the Strong Interest Inventory® is available on page 7 of the CBE First Year Pre-Registration Guide 2017 that’s posted to the College Info section of the EvoLUtion:1 portal.  Students should contact The Center for Career and Professional Development at 610-758-3710 if they have any issues completing the Inventory.

2. Indicate online that CBE Undergraduate Academic Advising Syllabus/Soar in Four Expectations have been read.  A link to the CBE Undergraduate Academic Advising Syllabus/Soar in Four Expectations will be emailed to every student from the CBE Advising Team during the first week in August.  Soar in Four Expectations summarize the responsibilities of students and their academic advisors in the students’ quest to achieve academic and graduation goals at Lehigh.  For additional information, students should contact Kimberly Bruno, or 610-758-3400.

3. Be sure all AP scores and transcripts with transfer credit ARRIVE at Lehigh’s Office of the Registrar before arrival on campus.  Students’ schedules for fall classes have been based on the academic information we have on file.  If we do not have documentation on file to account for AP or transfer credits, we cannot assume them as earned.  For information about sending scores or transcripts to Lehigh, please contact the Office of the Registrar via email or by calling 610.758.3200.